The German Friend

Published correspondence reveals new insight into famous historian’s views on Nazism, exile, friendship.

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The German Friend: War and Postwar Letters from German Anti-Nazi Prinz Hubertus zu Lowenstein to American Hans Christian, 1942-1947
By John Milton

John W. Larson, a longtime friend of Prince Hubertus zu Liiwenstein, unveils over 400
previously unpublished letters in his new book, The German Friend.

Never-before-seen letters written during and after World War II by famous anti-Nazi
scholar and German exile Prince Hubertus Lowenstein have just been made available for the reading
public. When Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933,Ldwenstein and his family chose to flee before
they suffered at the hands of the Nazis for the prince’s advocacy of republican government in his
homeland. In his book The German Friend, John W. Larson, who was a close friend of Ldwenstein, delves into a story rife with the pain of a war-torn world through a correspondence spanning from 1942 to 1947 .

In this collection of more than 400 letters written to Larson, Lowenstein passionately expounds his ideas
about Hitler, Nazism, the future of the Germany, major wartime events and personalities, and the
difficulties surrounding his exile in the United States. The German Friend also provides a poignant firsthand
account of a postwar Germany devastated by starvation, unemployment and destruction.

Although Lowenstein authored more than 40 books during his lifetime, The German Friend reveals the
personal character of a man conferring with a valued confidant-a side that is rarely present in his
published works. Larson not only documents Lowenstein’s thoughts about this cataclysmic period of
twentieth-century history, but also exposes the enduring bond he shared with Lowenstein.
Larson describes this work as “a serious, scholarly book that presents a fresh look at the trials and
hardships of exile from Germany, the importance and value of friendship between an older man and his
younger student, and the joy that a family can have even when constantly dealing with many difficulties
during a world at war.”

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