Mairs and Power at 90

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Mairs & Power at 90: A Rich History, A Bright Future

Over the last nine decades, nearly all the firms in the tumultuous and unforgiving financial services industry have been rolled up, split up, spun out or blown up. A shining exception: St. Paul’s Mairs & Power, the oldest continuously independent investment management firm in Minnesota and one of relatively few such entities in the country to survive since the onset of the Great Depression.

Author Dave Beal unpacks the improbable and colorful ascent of the firm in a new Ramsey County Historical Society (RCHS) book: Mairs & Power at 90: A Rich History, A Bright Future.

For its first 75 years, the firm was led by one or more of “the Three Georges” — George Mairs Jr., who fastidiously mapped out his plans to establish the firm in the depths of the Depression, when he was just 29 years old; his son George III, famed for his stock picking prowess; and George Power Jr., known for his deep and trusted relationships with clients. Mairs & Power was almost unknown beyond St. Paul until late 1994, when national financial journalists suddenly discovered that the firm’s flagship, the Growth Fund, was one of the best-performing mutual funds in the country.

Mairs & Power at 90 tells the story of how the firm has endured and prospered by utilizing a laser-like commitment to long-term investing, along with its unique focus on companies based in Minnesota and the upper midwest region.  The story begins with Beal’s colorful description of the ancestral roots of the Mairs and Power families and ends with how the firm has positioned itself for continued independence and success in the decades ahead.

The book includes a foreword from Edward C. Stringer, who was an associate justice on the Minnesota Supreme Court from 1992 until he retired in 2002. Beal, now retired, spent 25 years as a business editor and columnist at the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

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