Legends & Landmarks


Nominations Deadline Extended to April 30! Ramsey County Historical Society seeks researchers to complete Legends & Landmarks, a research project that seeks to create quality research files on 100 individuals and 20 locations in Ramsey County that tell the story of Minnesota History. The goal of the project is to use as many currently absent narratives as possible while addressing State Social Studies Standards at the Grade 6 level. Education Standards-Legends & Landmarks 

The project is organized in two primary phases, Nominations and Research. Researchers will be paid in both phases; inclusion in the nomination process is not a guaranty of being selected to complete the more lengthy research work. No single researcher is expected to complete more than 20 research files and may participate with as little as one nomination. We expect to receive nominations from several dozen researchers, who will be compensated for each nomination selected for inclusion in our starter list of 200 individuals and 40 locations. This list will be edited down to 100 individuals and 20 locations for the final research phase based on project needs. RCHS will then hire researchers as required to complete full research files for the nominated individuals and locations selected for the project.

Our project goal is to assemble final research files that include at least 70 individuals that are frequently absent from current textbooks, including women and individuals from non-dominant cultural backgrounds. With over 100 languages spoken in Ramsey County, we are expecting a truly diverse group of nominees.

Individuals nominated should have been active in or connected to Ramsey County at any point between approximately 1800 through 2016. Locations should have significance within the same time period and may include locations that are adjacent but not within modern day Ramsey County. This reflects the changing nature of county boundaries as well as the significance of nearby locations to the people that lived in Ramsey County during the time period.

Who is Eligible to Participate as a Paid Researcher
RCHS is opening the nomination and research process to individuals and institutions. Both will follow the application/nomination process identified below.

Application/Nomination Process
Individuals or institutions wishing to participate should use the nomination forms linked here:

Nominate Individuals

Nominate Locations

If you have difficulty completing these forms online, you may submit the following to chad@rchs.com:

  1. Name of applicant individual or institution (researcher)
  2. Primary contact (if institution)
  3. Full address, phone number, and email address
  4. Brief explanation of your qualifications in 200 words or less that should include education background and experience researching and/or writing. If you have a resume you may attach that as a supplemental piece of material but this is not required. There are no minimum education levels required for this project; we are seeking a wide range of perspectives and experience.
  5. If an institution is applying and will be using a team of individuals to complete the project, please identify the people that will be participating, you may use up to 200 words for each person.
  6. The names and phone numbers/email addresses for two references

 Nominations (phase I):

  1. RCHS is seeking at least 200 nominees of individuals and 40 locations for initial consideration.
  2. Nominators will receive $100 per nomination accepted into the initial list. Payment will be made on or around May 1, 2017. Additional information may be required if total payments will exceed $500.
  3. In the event of multiple nominations of the same individual/location, the best nomination will be paid. In the event of multiple nominations, those ranked as second or third best may result in a lesser payment at the discretion of RCHS.
  4. The nomination form includes space for five nominations. If you wish to nominate more than five individuals/locations, please complete additional forms by clicking on the link again. You need only include your name and email address in the additional forms beyond the first. There is no limit to the number of nominations you submit.
  5. The nominations deadline has been extended to April 30, 2017. Late nominations may be considered at the discretion of RCHS.
  6. All Nominations should include the following:
    1. Full name, birth year (estimated is ok if exact year is unknown), ethnic/cultural background, and gender.
    2. A brief description of why they should be included in the project (1,000 character limit).
    3. Identify which of the following historical themes with which they should be associated (maximum of four): Citizenship, Civil Rights, Globalization, Government, Immigration, Indigenous Peoples, Industry, Technology, Transportation, Urbanization, Social/Community Impact.
    4. Your particular qualifications to complete this research. For example, you might include experience conducting directly related research, previous work you have completed related to the nominee, your access to materials or people close to the nominee, etc.

 Research (phase 2):

  1. Researchers will be assigned by RCHS staff to complete research files for the final 100 individuals and 20 locations selected.
  2. Payment for each successfully completed research file accepted by RCHS will be: $550
  3. Researchers selected to participate will be encouraged to attend one of two informational sessions that will be scheduled for Mid-April. Attendance is not mandatory but strongly encouraged.
  4. It is expected that the successful nominators will be given the opportunity to complete full research files for the people and places they have nominated. RCHS reserves the right to assign this work to alternative researchers at its discretion.
  5. All research files for individuals should include the following:
    • Biographical information on the person being researched should include, at minimum: Birthdate and year, full name and any aliases, birth city & country, dates they lived in Ramsey County (if applicable), death date/city/country, ethnicity, and gender.
    • At least two, and as many as ten images related to the person in question.
    • A two-page summary of the individual or person profiled that highlights their contributions to the community suitable for publication. In the event significant editing is required, the award amount for the research file may be reduced by $100.
    • A minimum of 10 pages, and a maximum of 100 pages, of source material (if less than ten pages of material is available please contact RCHS staff immediately), including: Listing of known immediate family members; known residences/addresses; work/employment history; connections to/involvement with civic organizations; listing of government service, including appointments, elected office, military service, etc; photocopies of important papers; newspaper articles; biographical information previously published; oral history transcripts (which may be created new for this project); interviews; etc. All sources must be cited.
    • For individuals profiled as part of larger manuscripts, photocopies of relevant pages are desired, as well as a citation of the source manuscript and where that manuscript can be found. For individuals with extensive personal papers housed at research institutions like Ramsey County Historical Society or the Minnesota Historical Society, please summarize what is available and where it is located. Photocopies of representative papers should be made and included in the research file. (For example, we do not expect, nor want, a paper copy of every official piece of paper attributed to a governor- but we do need to know exactly where to look for this material and examples of papers that illustrate their work in the community should be included.)
    • For individuals notable for their engagement with civic organizations, please identify where meeting minutes or other documentation of that service can be found.
  6. All research files for locations should include the following:
    • Construction date, destruction date, architect, builder, address/location, list of owners including at least the original and current owners, construction materials, original use, current use, architectural style. For natural features, many of these will clearly not apply, use your best judgement.
    • At least two, and as many as ten images related to the place in question.
    • A two-page summary of the location profiled that highlights its importance in the community. In the event significant editing is required, the award amount for the research file may be reduced by $50.
    • A minimum of 10 pages, and a maximum of 100 pages, of source material (if less than ten pages of material is available please contact RCHS staff immediately), including: Listing of individuals or communities particularly associated with the location/landmark; if on the National Register of Historic Places or if it is a locally designated historic property/location, please include the approved National Register or Historic Property nomination paperwork that was filed to achieve this designation; descriptions of how the landmark was used published by other sources (including but not limited to newspapers, government documents, corporations/institutions, etc.); maps and artwork depicting the landmark/location; materials (written reports, articles, films, etc.) describing the landmark/location or its history; and a historic structure report or similar materials if they exist. All sources must be cited.
  7. We have a small budget for research fees at various institutions. Researchers will be awarded a proportional amount of the available budget, not to exceed $100.
  8. Images need not be high resolution if acquiring a high-resolution copy would incur a significant cost, but the location of the original image must be documented so that it can be acquired in the future if necessary. If the image is part of a personal collection, a high resolution scan IS required (full color, 600 dpi, .tiff image).
  9. The cost of photocopies is the responsibility of the researcher and is expected to be covered by the nomination and research fees.

Questions should be directed to chad@rchs.com. Please include “Legends & Landmarks” in the subject line. FAQ’s will be added to this page as necessary.