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We are going digital! Gibbs Farm Staff have created this page to house our distance learning friendly resources. We are especially excited about the 360 tours and our brand-new downloadable PowerPoint on the Seasonal Life of Cloud Man’s village. We have put these together based on feedback and requests from educators and plan to add more, please contact us here if there is anything you would like to see or if you have trouble accessing any of the information. We can’t wait to have you and your students back on site!

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360 Tour of Farmhouse
Click through the Gibbs Farmhouse

Jane and Heman Gibbs purchased land in 1849, as soon as Minnesota opened as a territory. Gibbs Farm Historic site is located in what is now Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Jane and Heman lived in a log and sod house for five years as they began to farm the land. In 1854 they built a one room log cabin, as years passed they expanded this cabin in several phases, adding a parlor, bedrooms, and a summer kitchen.

Start in the parlor and use your mouse to move through the rooms of the farmhouse. Click on the circles for more information on selected objects. The house is set up to show the change between one-room living (the white and blue Original Room) to Victorian sensibilities (the Parlor and bedrooms) of life in early Minnesota.

We recommend using the Gibbs Farm Virtual Tour Guidebook as you go through tour. It has additional information and questions to exercise your brain and enhance your virtual tour experience!

360 Tour of School House
Visit the School House

Along with their neighbors, the Gibbs Family helped build a one room school house for children in the area. This building no longer exists but luckily a Minnesota school from the same time period was moved to the Gibbs Farm site. This building allows visitors to get the feel of a pioneer school.

Click on the circles to find out more about the objects traditionally found in a one room schoolhouse.

Dakota of Cloud Man’s Village Powerpoint

Click Here to Download:  Seasonal Life of the Dakota People of Cloud Man’s Village Lesson

We have set up this Powerpoint so that in can be used in-person or over a video conferencing platform that allows you to share your screen. The slides are picture heavy, with extended notes that can be seen in Presenter View.

Takóža: Walks with the Blue Moon Girl

Read by author Tara Perron Tanagidan To Win. Black Bears and Blueberries Publishing

Purchase a copy here!

Coloring Page 1   Coloring Page 2

Adventures of Keya Videos

These are some of our favorite Dakota language videos, written and illustrated by H’upahu Duta and Digitalized by Zitkada Zi Win. The stories are cute, easy to follow and will allow your students to hear spoken Dakota.

Ramsey County History Articles

Over 50 years of articles are available online! Great for older students, or as a background resource for teachers.

Access all issues (including our newest!) or check out our top article picks here:

The Two Worlds of Jane Gibbs: The Gibbs Farm and the Santee Dakota
By Julie A. Humann

A ‘Good Man’ in a Changing World: Cloud Man, the Dakota Leader, and His Life and Times
By Mark Dietrich