Gibbs Farm Capital Expansion

Gibbs Farm: Connecting People to Their Community Through History

Ramsey County Historical Society and Gibbs Farm asks our members, friends and supporters to contact your legislators and request their support for our $7 million capital investment request for Gibbs Farm.

The Bonding Bill number in the House is now HF 2529. Please request that Gibbs Farm be added to the Bonding Bill. We’ll provide updates as it progresses.

Gibbs Farm is a regional asset serving students and teachers from more than 60 legislative districts in Minnesota, including your own. Our capital project involves transforming Gibbs Farm from a seasonal program – currently operating at capacity – to a year-round facility able to serve 30,000 students annually. We also plan to launch a year-round out-of-school program that builds on our successful Investigate MN! summer school program, designed to help close the achievement gap by engaging students in their community, their history, and the many cultural and educational resources available in the region.

Your support will help us serve more than 250,000 students and 6,000 teachers in the ten years following the completion of this capital project.

Ramsey County is committed to match the State’s investment in full.

We ask that you consider helping us by doing one of more of the following:

More questions, and to send us a copy of your communications with legislators and others, please email to

To contact the Legislators from your district, use this link:

About Gibbs Farm

Gibbs Farm provides unique, immersive experiences to families, adults and students that work to develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for history in order to encourage life-long curiosity, the ability to see problems from varying perspectives, and appreciation for cultures other than one’s own.

The importance of Gibbs Farm can be found in its ability to immerse visitors, child and adult, in history via engaging interpretation of 19th century life for both the Dakota and pioneers, and hands-on, activity-based learning. This dual historical interpretation conveyed at Gibbs Farm challenges visitors to note the similarities and differences between their lives and the lives of the Dakota or pioneers. In creating and delivering content related to Dakota and pioneer lifeways, Gibbs Farm strives to equally cover the past of all Minnesota’s people and does so in a way that is not found at other historic sites in Minnesota.

Programs at Gibbs Farm don’t solely cover historic education, and they are not restricted to the rigidity of formal classroom learning. Gibbs Farm is in a central Twin Cities location, with connections to the University of Minnesota, to school systems throughout the state, and to a variety of other non-profits, community groups and organizations.  Gibbs Farm, with its amazing outdoor setting, is a venue that can support a wide variety of program topics. Art, crafts, archaeology, history, gardening & agriculture, and nature programs all connect to the heart and the story of the site, and form the basis for a wide variety of programs and experiences that can be found at Gibbs Farm. Thoughtful programming increases knowledge and understanding of our past – this understanding can change the way that we make our future.

Whatever one’s cultural background may be, visitors are always able to find a commonality between their own life and the lives of the Gibbs family and their Dakota friends. This is important because it connects present community members to the greater history of this community. Everyone who has ever lived in a community is a part of its history and its future and it is crucial that we help our visitors, especially children, to realize this.

Saving the Gibbs Farmhouse was a volunteer effort by committed Minnesotans more than 70 years ago. This Capital Expansion will continue that effort, and enable even more Minnesotans to learn from, experience and share our common history.