Gibbs 360 Tours

Gibbs Farm 360 Degree Tours: Farmhouse & Schoolhouse

Thanks to Jeremy Nienow from Nienow Cultural Consultants LLC, we are able to invite you into the Gibbs Family’s Farmhouse and the Stoen Schoolhouse from wherever you are in the world. These tours let you move around in some rooms that are usually closed to the public.

We encourage students who have previously visited Gibbs Farm for a field trip to guide their families through the historic buildings!

Click through the Gibbs Farmhouse

Jane and Heman Gibbs purchased land in 1849, as soon as Minnesota opened as a territory. Gibbs Farm Historic site is located in what is now Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Jane and Heman lived in a log and sod house for five years as they began to farm the land. In 1854 they built a one room log cabin, as years passed they expanded this cabin in several phases, adding a parlor, bedrooms, and a summer kitchen.

Start in the parlor and use your mouse to move through the rooms of the farmhouse. Click on the circles for more information on selected objects. The house is set up to show the change between one-room living (the white and blue Original Room) to Victorian sensibilities (the Parlor and bedrooms) of life in early Minnesota.

Students and families: Use the Gibbs Farm Virtual Tour Guidebook as you go through tour. It has additional information and questions to exercise your brain and enhance your virtual tour experience!

Visit the School House

Along with their neighbors, the Gibbs Family helped build a one room school house for children in the area. This building no longer exists but luckily a Minnesota school from the same time period was moved to the Gibbs Farm site. This building allows visitors to get the feel of a pioneer school.

Click on the circles to find out more about the objects traditionally found in a one room schoolhouse.