Annual Appeal 2020

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To Our Members and Supporters,

This year, Ramsey County Historical Society is proud to participate in the nationwide celebration of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. Our current exhibition – Persistence: Continuing the Struggle for Suffrage and Equality, 1848-2020 – highlights the courage and persistence of those who worked tirelessly for the betterment of our communities.

2020 has found us all persevering in the face of a historic pandemic that has touched every aspect of our daily lives. We are also navigating an uncomfortable and complex conversation about racism, political and economic power, and the role we each play in maintaining our country’s highest ideals. This work is difficult, but ultimately, it represents our commitment to our community and our collective investment in its future.

Thank you for your continued investment in Ramsey County Historical Society’s future, as well as in its present needs. Your generosity helps us succeed in our mission to preserve, inform, and inspire by supporting education, preserving our past, and publishing the historic stories unique to our community.

Please give what you can today to help keep history alive for all of us now and in the future.

In the coming year, your gift will support the continued expansion of digital programming at Ramsey County Historical Society. While the coronavirus pandemic has made gathering in person difficult at best, we have worked to develop new ways for students, teachers, and history fans around the world to gather online.

Your gift will help ensure we can keep broadcasting what we have already created, develop additional online educational resources to support distance learning, and lay the groundwork for a brand-new digital publishing program. Your gift will also support the ongoing preservation of 4.5 million items that our community has entrusted to Ramsey County Historical Society to keep safe for future generations.

We are living through a moment in time that is testing our resolve in ways not felt in generations. At Ramsey County Historical Society, we know our community is up to these challenges, in part because we know how committed – how courageous and persistent – our members and donors have been. As 2020 nears a close, we want you to know we appreciate your investment in the Ramsey County community and institutions like ours. This year has reminded us that when we support each other, we lift everybody up.

Thank you,

Chad P. Roberts, President

PS: Thanks to the Katherine B. Andersen Fund  of the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, your increased gift will be matched one-for-one. Double your impact today!

To donate to RCHS and the Annual Appeal, see the page here.

Volunteers from the Metro County Historical Society Collaborative, of which RCHS was a lead partner, working on an archaeological dig.

Ramsey County History magazine, Summer 2020