A Message from RCHS – George Floyd

A Message from the Ramsey County Historical Society

On May 25, 2020, Mr. George Floyd was killed by four Minneapolis Police Officers.

For everyone in pain right now, we see you, we hear you, we are with you.

We are angry that another Black man was senselessly and brutally killed. We are frustrated and heart-broken that despite generations of struggle, Black Americans are still denied basic human rights, denied equitable treatment by the institutions that shape our community, and continue to be the target of violence by police officers.

We stand in solidarity with the Black community and everyone seeking to eliminate systemic racism, inequities, and violence.

This is a time for grieving, it needs to be. It is also time for hope and action. We see hope in the peaceful protests taking place in our local and national communities and in cities around the world; we see hope in the community cleanup and support efforts with participants from all over Minnesota; and we see hope in the words and actions of leaders and organizations fighting for positive change. This moment is an extraordinary opportunity to take great strides in eliminating systemic racism.

We urge our leaders and members of our community to unite and add their voices, their time, and their resources to those organizations carrying on this important fight. There are countless ways we can participate; and we include links to several resources below.

The Ramsey County Historical Society’s purpose is to preserve and present the history of Ramsey County, including the history being made at this very moment. The history of racism, violence, oppression, and the struggle for human rights in our county is extensive and is still being made every day. We are committed to collecting and telling these stories. We will continue to support the efforts of everyone working to create a better, equitable future that celebrates Black Americans and all members of our community.

Be safe, have hope, take action.

Chad Roberts, President

Jo Anne Driscoll, Chair of the Board

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