1938-1941 Ice Palaces

The 1938-1941 Ice Palaces

Jack Horner chaired the committee that designed the simple 1938 ice court palace in Mounds Park, which featured a large skating rink in front of the castle facade. Two complex castle designs were submitted by Saint Paul City architect Charles Bassford worked with Clarence Wigington.

1938 Ice Palace

The 1939 palace on the western shore of Como Lake was based on Arabian Nights palaces, and designed by Milton Bergstedt of Ellerbe Architects. Bergstedt later founded the architectural firm BWBR. The palace hosted the traditional ceremonies, but the sports activities occurred along Kellogg Boulevard, in Como Park, and in the lower East Side, including the first Battle Creek ski slide. 400,000 spectators assembled for the procession parade.

1939 Ice Palace

Bassford and Wigington’s 1940 palace in Como Park featured an official US Post Office in one
tower where visitors could mail a letter. This was the only part of the palace that visitors could enter. Lights illuminated the interior. This carnival boasted the world’s largest drum and bugle corps of 1,500 participants.

1940 Ice Palace Post Office
A cachet envelope sent from the Ice Palace Post Office

Similar to his palace the previous year, Wigington’s 1941 palace in Como Park consisted of large towers connected by double walls enclosing a courtyard for ceremonial events.

Featured image: The 1941 Ice Palace

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