1930-1937 Ice Palaces

The 1930-1937 Ice Palaces

The 1930 carnival, organized by The Midway Club, hired local firm, Ellerbe Architects to design the palace, which included tall turreted walls and side wings. It faced a skating rink and was located at Dunning Field on Marshall near Lexington.

1930 Ice Palace

The 1937 palace was built on the west side of the Minnesota Capitol by Works Progress Administration-funded workers. Charles Bassford serving as the St. Paul City Architect, worked with Clarence W. (Cap) Wigington, another city architect, to design this zig-zag Moderne palace. Due to sub-zero temperatures during construction, fires inside the palace boiled the water were used to cement the ice blocks together, otherwise the water froze in the transport buckets.

Cap Wigington

Clarence Wigington was responsible for numerous public buildings and schools throughout St. Paul, including the Highland Park water tower and the Harriet Island Pavilion. When he started working in the city architect’s office in 1914, he was Minnesota’s first registered African American architect, and the first African American municipal architect in the nation.

Despite frigid, blustery weather, a record-setting 300,000 spectators attended the grand procession parade. Forty gigantic balloons were a parade highlight, and the performance of Rudi Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees, put the carnival on the national news.

Featured image: 1937 Ice Palace as seen from the Capitol Quadriga.

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