1889-1900 Ice Palaces

The 1889 – 1900 Ice Palaces

In 1889, the carnival committee produced a program and publicized the ice palace plan, but all was cancelled due to 60 degree temperatures. Warm weather cancelled the 1890 carnival as well.

In 1896, the carnival was revived, and a palace was built. Fort Karnival was built on Aurora Avenue between St. Albans and Avon Streets. The construction was not on the scale of the 1880s structures, but had a stockade and fort appearance. It functioned more as a backdrop for festivities and events, rather than as a “residence” to explore from within. Rhéaume and St. Pierre built this palace, designed by Major Wilkinson.

1896 toboggan slide

Inside the fort were two toboggan slides and a coasting slide. The 200-yard toboggan slides ran in opposite directions so that visitors could take one immediately after the other.

Warm weather plagued this palace’s construction. Rain on the final day ruined the finale storming and fireworks display, and put the carnival into bankruptcy

In 1899 and 1900 palaces were planned for construction on Harriet Island, but were not built.

Featured image: The entrance to the 1896 Ice Palace.

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