2020 Virtual Summer Camp Videos and Resources

We are disappointed that the on-site fun we were looking forward to must be postponed until next year, but we feel confident that this is how we can best contribute to the safety of our wonderful Gibbs community.  Please join us in remote summer time adventures right here!

The Gibbs Farmhouse

Meet the Animals

Meet our sheep and goats!

Meet our chickens!

Storytime with Gibbs Farm

Listen in to hear about the Curious Cares of Bears!

Join us for a dramatic reading of Little Red Riding Sheep!


Join Sammy as she reads to and plays with the Gibbs pigs!

Join Robert as he reads about a Hungry Coyote!

Join Sammy in the Apple Orchard for Storytime!

Camp-in-a-Box Instruction Videos

Autograph Book: If you don’t have a Camp-in-a-Box you’ll need 3 pieces of colored paper for the inside, 1 piece of decorative or scrapbook paper for the outside, a piece of ribbon or yarn, a whole punch, and pens and pencils to write with!


Dakota Beaded Bracelet

Corn Husk Doll

Quilt Square: Printable template available here.

Button Bracelet: If you don’t have a camp box, you’ll just need some string and 5-10 buttons depending on their size.