Artist Applications – Interviews

Dear Council Chamber Artwork Task Force Members,

Thank you for participating in this process.

We received 20 completed submissions from artists. The review process narrowed this down to 9 finalists to be interviewed.

A web page has been created for each artist, on the page will be a link to their artist statement and the sample images they submitted. The links below will take you to each applicant’s statement and the samples.

For each artist, ratings were collected that indicated “yes” (they seem like a great fit for the project and should be a finalist and interviewed), “maybe” (i.e., perhaps the artistic quality is there; maybe they understand the theme, but perhaps the vision isn’t as strong; or there were some other reservations), or “no” (too many things don’t line up with what we are seeking to achieve). Artists who received the highest number of Yes/Maybe ratings were selected to be interviewed.

Comments and/or questions for each artist were also collected. Questions that the task force would like addressed will be asked during the interviews.

Factors we are considering:

  1. Artistic quality
  2. Their vision for how they would approach the project
  3. Understanding of the theme: the overall themes that should be present in each piece of art created for this project are the People of our community and Progress in our community ‑ these may be broadly interpreted.
    1. Piece One Theme ‑ Early transportation ‑ illustrated in the existing artwork as a steamboat.
    2. Piece Two Theme ‑ Voyageurs/immigrants and their relationships with indigenous people
    3. Piece Three Theme ‑ Modern transportation ‑ illustrated in the existing artwork as rail travel
    4. Piece Four Theme ‑ Modern industry and progress ‑ featuring labor
  4. Ability to complete the work over the next six months

Thank you for sharing your time and wisdom in this process.

Chad & Robyn

Artist Applications – Individual Pages for Interviewees

Please click on each link to view each artist’s images and documents. Documents are included as downloadable PDFs.

CLUES Latinx Muralism

Donovan, Emily

Garrigan, MaryBeth

Glaser, Caprice

Heffron, Joe

Kramp, Brendan

Ollig, Mat

Swanson, Adam

Yellowbird, Leah