RCHS is leading a project that will develop a community-based plan to create interpretive, information sites in Lowertown.

Lowertown Interpretive Plan

RCHS recently received a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to be the lead in conducting a Lowertown Interpretive Plan project. The project will develop a community-based plan to create interpretive, information sites in Lowertown, St. Paul, to share the unique history of the Lowertown Historic District with residents and visitors.

RCHS will work in collaboration with a Technical Advisory Group comprised of over 20 community organizations, including but not limited to: Saint Paul Union Depot, Saint Paul Saints, Capital River Council, and the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota. More importantly, the project will include the participation of 90 local residents, businesses, artists, and nonprofits in three focus groups to develop a truly community-inspired and consensus-based interpretive plan for the Lowertown Historic District. In addition, two modified prototypes will be installed in a public Lowertown space for greater community testing over the following year.

Responding to the Greater Lowertown Master Plan developed in 2010, and paying tribute to the decades-long revitalization work by community members, the plan will lay the foundation for future historic interpretation projects. The plan will be published and widely distributed, and will also be available online. During the next ten years, this interpretive plan will guide the implementation of interpretation projects in Lowertown, Saint Paul.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

To be announced.


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